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Mental Health Services: high quality care for those who need it the most.

Many community members on the west and southwest sides of Chicago have experiences high levels of trauma which causes symptoms of anxiety, depression, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. The primary goal of Saint Anthony Hospital's Mental Health Services is to improve the mental health status of uninsured or underinsured community members who seek therapeutic services.

Our bilingual, bicultural, clinical social workers provide free individual, adolescent, family and couples psychotherapy. Clients generally receive 45-minute sessions once a week for 9 months, when the case will be evaluated for additional time or successful termination.

Our social workers also lead therapeutic and psycho-educational groups throughout the year.  Topics vary based on common client needs but have included grief, trauma, anxiety, and social skills.

In addition, to increase the number of Spanish-speaking clinicians in the mental health profession who are culturally sensitive in serving the Latino immigrant community, Mental Health Services is a site placement for at least one, bilingual, master’s level, social work intern during the school year. Our interns receive supervision and mentorship from the mental health supervisor and participate in all aspects of direct service.

For more information, call our Little Village office at 773.523.5079

Mental Health Services is a part of our Community Wellness Program. It does not serve adults with severe mental illnesses or offer medication. Our Department of Psychiatry treats patients with mental illness who have acute needs or are in a crisis.