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Saint Anthony's parish nurse is an educator, advisor, counselor, and advocate.

Saint Anthony Hospital's parish nurse:

  • meets the healthcare needs of adults in order to prevent or to control diabetes and hypertension and other chronic and co-morbid diseases 
  • educates and reminds adults how medication, nutrition, and exercise help them control their diabetes and hypertension and improve their health

Our parish nurse can provide members of a congregation with:

  • health screenings (e.g., blood pressure and blood glucose checks)
  • health monitoring to promote behavioral changes 
  • weight management classes
  • nutrition education workshops

Some of the congregations participating in our parish nurse program within North Lawndale are:

  • Greater Galilee Baptist Church
  • Greater Original Baptist Church
  • Friendship Baptist Church
  • Jesus Word Baptist Church
  • Launch Out into the Deep
  • Saint Agatha Catholic Church
  • United Baptist Church

To learn more about our Parish Nursing Program in North Lawndale, call 773.522.5299.