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Within Chicago, approximately 190 migrants arrive each day with their own unique experiences. And as their numbers continually increase, we believe that supporting them is core to our mission to serve. As we mobilize ourselves to serve, we ask that you help us respond to this call to action. 

Did you know………..

Over 20,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago since August of 2022. 

  1. Migrants have traveled by foot to the United States from - Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and other countries to escape political strife, gang violence, and other tragedies. 
  2. 2,093 migrants are awaiting placement in shelters and 1,730 are sleeping in makeshift tents outside of and in the lobbies of Chicago Police District stations.
  3. Expecting migrant mothers have a higher risk of pregnancy-related disorders due to their lack of proper prenatal care and mental distress caused by their journey. 

What is Saint Anthony Hospital doing? 

  • Visiting CPD districts and linking migrants to various resources. 
  • Partnering with organizations like Lawndale Christian Health Center to provide housing for migrant families. 
  • Prepared to provide up to provide labor and delivery services for migrant mothers 

Why what we are doing matters! Community Outreach teams in the field tell the story best…..

  • “Most of these families traveled by foot…[through a] ninety-mile stretch of jungle and mountains full of guerrilla warriors. It’s estimated that only six out of every ten children who make the journey survive it.” - Kimberly Schlage, Manager of Mental Health & Family Support, Community Wellness 
  • “Saint Anthony Hospital [has] stepped up and provided resources for those in need as soon as the need was known.” -Karina Cordova, Healthcare Access Supervisor 
  • “They [the migrants] are not prepared for Chicago’s harsh winters. We really need to give them winter clothing and supplies.” -Ana K. Garcia, Manager of Mental Health & Family Support

Ways to Help: 

  1. $100 can provide 52 diapers, 192 wipes, 8 bars of soap, two pairs of children’s shoes, and a first aid kit to a migrant family in need.
  2. $200 can provide 5 children with winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves. 
  3. $300 can provide 6 sleeping bags, 3 large blankets, and two pairs of adult weather-proof shoes.

How to Give: 

Donate Today

Mail Check to:
1875 West 19th Street 
Chicago, IL 60623
Saint Anthony Hospital Foundation

For more information, contact:
Makenzi Northenor 
Manager, Individual Giving and Stewardship
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