Learn more about COVID-19 safety measures and updates and the COVID-19 vaccine. SAH provides vaccines for children 6 months +.
Please do not visit the Emergency Department for a COVID-19 test.  Call the COVID-19 CLINIC LINE for testing info:  773.484.4000

We're All In

Financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations helps Saint Anthony Hospital serve the families in our community.

We strive to provide everyone who walks through our doors with quality care. The Saint Anthony Hospital Foundation supports us in meeting the health and wellness needs of members of our community, regardless of their ability to pay, by raising money from individuals, including employees, foundations, and corporations.

We want the residents of our community to receive the best care, but, to serve everyone, we cannot do it alone. Thanks to the generosity of the donors to Saint Anthony Hospital Foundation, we serve families with compassion, creating a healthier, more productive community for the next generation to thrive.

We need your help. Donate today to the Foundation to make a real difference in the lives of individuals - from toddlers to seniors - who use our services and participate in our programs.