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Behavioral health services at Saint Anthony Hospital provide assessment, stabilization, medical management, and group, individual and family interventions.

Our Department of Psychiatry provides competent and compassionate care to behavioral health patients with serious psychiatric problems, such as depression, psychosis and substance abuse. We provide 24-hour intensive psychiatric stabilization on two adult inpatient units with 42 beds and a highly qualified team of licensed professionals. We address the emotional and behavioral health of our patients with sensitivity and expertise, focusing on group therapy and discharge planning as part of a complete psychiatric care program.

Anyone who is experiencing a personal or emotional crisis or who is seeking stabilization of an existing psychiatric diagnosis is welcome to visit the Emergency Department at Saint Anthony to be evaluated by a physician. Hospitalization can be initiated for those with urgent needs.

While the Department of Psychiatry treats adults on an inpatient basis, we also recognize that patients are not the only ones affected by emotional problems. So, we offer numerous support groups for families, extended families and caregivers - all of whom play an integral role in a patient's recovery process.

You may get more information about our behavioral health service and treatment programs by calling 773.484.1010.