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Patients of the Oncology and Infusion Center at Saint Anthony Hospital do not come for medical treatment alone.

A supportive family spirit permeates our Outpatient Oncology and Infusion Center. We treat each patient holistically, providing relaxation and meditation therapy during treatment. We have strong relationships with other community organizations who provide additional education and support resources for our patients.

The Oncology and Infusion Center serves oncology patients, hematology patients, and patients who need long-term antibiotic or hydration therapy. We give monthly and annual infusions and injections to patients for depression, osteoporosis, and hormonal deficiencies. We do blood transfusions and therapeutic phlebotomy. We also monitor lab results and treatments for physicians who want their patients to receive therapy on an outpatient basis.

Our center is on the top floor of the hospital, overlooking Douglas Park. An oncologist and hematologist have clinics in the center, and a phlebotomist completes blood work in the triage room. Our nurses are members of the Oncology Nursing Society and are certified by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation. The center's 15 infusion chairs provide comfort and support to patients throughout their treatments. We also provide nutrition counseling, and wigs and breast prostheses are displayed in a private room for patients to try on.

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To learn more about our Oncology and Infusion Center, please call 773.484.1883.