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SAH Open Access Colonoscopy Clinic

Colonoscopies are a safe and effective screening for colon cancer.  Our board-certified gastroenterologists want to make it easier and more comfortable for patients to have a colonoscopy as part of their ongoing preventative care.  

The Open Access Clinic allows patients to schedule their colonoscopy at any time, without a prior consultation with the gastroenterologist.    

  • Eligible patients only need a prescription from their primary care physician
  • No consultation is needed prior to the screening
  • A Clinic Coordinator will walk through the entire process, from scheduling to instructions in preparation for the procedure
  • All insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Saint Anthony Hospital offers free valet parking

Patients should talk to their physician about having a colonoscopy and their eligibility for the open access clinic.

** This is a standard screening for patients aged 50 or over without pre-existing conditions which require a GI consultation.

For more information call 773.484.1444 or contact your physician.