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The Pain Clinic at Saint Anthony Hospital focuses on injury and disease as well as the devastating effects that result.

Pain severely disrupts lives. It can cause anxiety, frustration and depression. It can keep people from gainful employment, from interacting positively with family and friends and from enjoying life.

Pain management services have evolved as a result of the recognition that pain and suffering are often under-treated. At our Pain Clinic we make every effort to identify the mechanisms involved in the pain process and its effects on your daily function.

Our initial evaluation involves a thorough review of the pain, a medical history and a physical examination. Previous treatments, medications and diagnostic studies are also reviewed.

Treatment involves attention not only to pain mechanisms but to their impact on your lifestyle. While certain standard treatments exist, each person brings unique circumstances to the Pain Clinic which require a flexible individual approach.

For More Information

You may contact the Pain Clinic at 773.484.4425.