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Maternity Center

A Labor of Love.

The Maternity Center at Saint Anthony Hospital offers private rooms, Level II Nursery, and Maternal Fetal Medicine Services in a family-focused and caring environment. 

At Saint Anthony Hospital, we want you to feel at home, and our Maternity Center provides you with an up-to-date facility and compassionate staff for a safe and calm childbirth experience. We are proud to have been ranked with one of the lowest C -Section rates in Chicago. BirthGuide Chicago also rated Saint Anthony as a top performing hospital for VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) in the Chicagoland area.

We encourage early family bonding and focus on patient-centered care and comfort, including spacious and private delivery rooms, accommodations for family and guests and a bilingual staff with interpreter services.

Our caring and experienced team looks forward to making the arrival of your new baby the most special experience it can be. Obstetricians, Midwives, Family Practitioners, Neonatologists, Nurses and 24-hour Anesthesiologists are at the hospital to provide the quality care and support you need.

Maternity Services

We offer a full range of services to help you learn what to expect during pregnancy, preparing for labor and delivery, as well as caring for your newborn after you give birth.

  • Prenatal care
  • Obstetrics & midwifery
  • Maternal-fetal medicine
  • Ultrasounds and other testing
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Free prenatal classes offered in both English and Spanish
  • Diabetes education
  • Circumcisions 

Pain Management

We offer Nitrous Oxide as an alternative to an epidural during delivery.  We have also added a new laboring tub for relaxation and help with contractions and back pain during labor. 

We will work together to find the best option for you.


The Saint Anthony Hospital Midwifery Group are full-time certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) and highly involved in the entire labor and delivery process.  Backed by a team of obstetricians, they personally see all laboring women in the unit and integrate their woman-centered model of care into every patients’ birth experience – safe and satisfying in a patient and welcoming environment, provided with emotional support and encouragement before, during, and after the labor and delivery process. They will also work closely with you on your preferred birth plan. 

Our midwives also see patients at three locations – Saint Anthony Hospital Physician Center, Archer Avenue Clinic in Brighton Park, and now at our Little Village Clinic on 26th Street. 

OB Patient Care Navigator 

The Saint Anthony Hospital OB Patient Care Navigator supports patients with their individual prenatal care and maternity needs. She can help connect you with the right resources throughout your pregnancy and after delivery.

  • Assistance with medical coverage and applications
  • Help connecting you with doctors, midwives or doulas
  • Guidance with prenatal needs, including signing up for prenatal classes
  • Set up tours for the Saint Anthony Maternity Center, including transportation if needed

If you would like to talk with our OB Patient Care Navigator, please call 708.546.6358

Now You Can Share the Love!

Having a baby is such a special moment you want to share it with all the people that you love.

Saint Anthony Hospital now has interactive TVs in all of our Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby rooms to make your experience even better. 

You can zoom with family and friends, anywhere, at any time, right from your hospital bed.  Spouses, grandparents, baby’s siblings at home, family deployed overseas – now you can introduce your bundle of joy with anyone during your hospital stay.

Child Safety Program

Safety is one of our top priorities here at the Saint Anthony Hospital Maternity Center. That is why we have started the New Child Safety Program. We want to help provide extra care for your extra special delivery.

Every woman who delivers at our Maternity Center will receive a free, highly-rated car seat, diapers and a few additional necessities for your newborn. Each seat will be specially installed upon discharge by one of our certified passenger safety technicians.

Maternity Center Tours

Tours of our Maternity Center can help make your prenatal experience more comfortable. If you are planning to visit the hospital for tests, prenatal care visit or prenatal class, we can arrange for a tour of the unit before you leave.  

For more information about our Maternity Center tours, please call 708.546.6358Transportation can also be provided. 

Free Prenatal Classes

Saint Anthony Hospital offers free prenatal classes in a comfortable and interactive group setting to prepare parents for their birthing experience, as well as provide support for their new parenthood and breastfeeding journey.

Classes are available in both English and Spanish. To learn more about our prenatal education, click here

Family Connects Chicago at Saint Anthony Hospital

Family Connects involves an in-home or online visit with a registered nurse. We connect you to care and services in your own community that can help you thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

The free service is available to all families who deliver babies at Saint Anthony Hospital and live in Chicago.

Our Family Connects services are a partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health

Click here to learn more about the Family Connects Program at Saint Anthony. 

Visitor Information 

The health and safety of our mothers and newborns is our first priority and visitor policies are in place. 

  • Visiting Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Father or support person may be present outside of visiting hours.   
  • No visitors under the age of 18 will be permitted
  • Visitors must check in at the front desk at the hospital main entrance to receive a pass for entry into the Maternity Center
  • SPECIAL VISITOR RESTRICTIONS may be in place during peak viral seasons. Please refer to Visiting Hours and Policies for the most current visitor policy


Saint Anthony Hospital offers free valet service and can provide transportation to appointments or Maternity Center tours.   Saint Anthony is also proud to announce that we are going green!  We are updating our transportation vehicles to electric models and excited to contribute to a cleaner environment as we prepare for our new state-of-the-future facility at the Focal Point Community Campus.

To arrange for transportation, please call: 773.484.4372

Free Pregnancy Testing

Saint Anthony Hospital offers free, confidential pregnancy testing. Support and guidance is provided to all regardless of your results. Walk-ins are welcome. To see a list of our locations that provide this service, click here.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the Maternity Center, need an appointment with a physician or midwife, or interested in scheduling a prenatal class or tour of the center, please call 708.546.6358.

Other Important Numbers:

Archer Avenue Clinic 
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Little Village Clinic

Physician Center

Patient Access/Healthcare Benefits

Prenatal Classes and Maternity Center Tours

Superior Ambulance Service 

Transportation (SAH)