Learn more about COVID-19 safety measures and updates and the COVID-19 vaccine. SAH provides vaccines for children 6 months +.
Please do not visit the Emergency Department for a COVID-19 test.  Call the COVID-19 CLINIC LINE for testing info:  773.484.4000

We know that especially today, when so many people are uninsured or underinsured, it is important for individuals to have healthcare pricing information. We are committed to making this information available to consumers so they can better anticipate and understand their financial responsibilities and make informed healthcare decisions.

Because we know that healthcare is complex and that a general listing of prices for our common procedures will not meet everyone’s needs, we have placed our hospital’s Pricing Transparency information online.  We are also providing a telephone number for our Financial Counselor where consumers can contact us directly for a prospective service quote.  That number is: 773.484.4217. Our goal in making this information easy to access is to remain a leader in key health care initiatives aimed at better patient care.