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While we bill health insurance companies, it is the patient’s responsibility to check with the insurance company to make sure our facility and physicians are contracted with your health insurance company.

Patients are expected to make payment at the time of service. This includes any co-payments that may be listed on your insurance card.

As a patient at Saint Anthony Hospital you may receive multiple bills for services at our hospital or clinics.

One bill will come from the Hospital (SAH). It includes charges for the facility fee and any ancillary testing provided to you. This would include laboratory tests, X-rays and any specialized testing, surgeries, observations or inpatient stays requested by your physician.

Additional bills will come from Physicians for physician charges for their services while at the hospital. This could include emergency room physicians, hospitalists, on-call physicians, radiologists, anesthesiologists or any other physicians.

Because SAH clinics are not privately owned by the physicians, their charges do not include costs for supplies and facilities’ overhead.

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